31 Where was the establishment of the Gadar Party - San Francisco

32 Which is the highest peak in south India? Anamoli

33 Guwahati is on the banks of which river - Brahmaputra

34 Who is the transport minister in Haryana - Krishna Lal Panwar

35 Kalidas of Haryana is said to be - Dipchand

36 What is the poetic language of Mahendra Pratap Singh - Urdu

37 Who discovered the solar system - Copernicus

38 are considered to be the father of the Green Revolution in the world - Borlog

39 are regarded as the father of the Green Revolution in India - Swaminathan

40 Where is the maximum turmeric in Haryana - in Yamunanagar

41 Which is the highest crop in Haryana - Potato

42 Which is the leading district in the production of Khumbi in Haryana - Sonipat,

43 Welfare Listening What is the Kalyan Gold variety - wheat

44 Which company is known by the name 'Big Blue' - IBM America

When the first email was sent - in 1969

46 Who is the finance minister of Haryana - Capt Abhimanyu

47 What was the purpose of laying railway lines up to Farrukhnagar - for carrying salt

48 Which was the first novel of the language of the Haryanavi language - Jhuma free writer King Ram Shastri

49 Kos Minar Who has made the construction - Sher Shah Suri

50 Chhotu Ram studied with Kisya University - Delhi

51 Who was the last king of Ballabhgarh - Nahar Singh

52 Where Abhimanyu was trapped in the trap in Mahabharata - Amin

53 Where was the first AIR Center opened - Rohtak

54 What was the famous city during Harsh Vardhan - Thaneswar

55 Where is Birbal's hive - Narnaul

56 Which area of ​​Haryana is affected by the warrior in the third century - Rohtak

57 Ratnavali is famous for its creation - Harshavardhana

58 Which dance is performed on Goga Navami - stick dance

59 Which literary person has used Haryanvi in ​​Jain poems - Sridhar

60 Who is called the Gandhi of Haryana - Mulchand



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