let's we discuss about this movie first of all we are coming with movie then netcrackers this movie is based upon a magic this movie is releasing on 2nd November 2018 as if we discuss about its first releasing country it is USA this movie is releasing in USA and that will be dubbed in Hindi and will be released in other regions which belong to Hindi regions in will talk about its cast then means in phone is as a Clara this is very fantastic movie and can be downloaded from MP4 HD movie download.com this movie can make a huge difference Tamil upcoming movies and the topic of this movie The nutcracker is very fantastic and it is a family drama movie this will be very UFO and happy for everyone so you can go in theatre to watch this movie second number 2018 which is coming very soon in the month of Diwali if we talk about next movie next movie is private war and its name so this movie is based upon the situation and this movie is releasing on let v c this movie is releasing on again 2nd November 2018 Hiss movie director is with you in men meet you human and in the lead role is Stanley cookie give me liberty and Tom blender in the actress Road is MS Cosmos bike and Jamie dornan next movie is boy erased this movie is a drama movie and releasing on 2nd November again

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

but due to wrong message he has to go in a different world which is full of danger and strains you talk about this movie is cast then Zoe johnston LIC electron is directed this movie this movie production house is a Walt Disney picture and condition is Mark Jordan Linda goldstein and leryn Franco magazine is playing its colour Keira Knightley it's playing as salary IGNOU deer which is playing as flower rain king and Misty copeland is playing as the barrier and Morgan Freeman is a December

A Private War

the private war cheats is second upcoming movie in November this movie is also releasing in 2nd November 2018 as its name shows this movie is based upon the war if this movie is directed by Mettur females and screenplay is aml Orissa is with you humans colours Charan marriage medula mcmohan Biju George we talk about the cast then Jamie dornan Pramod pilot Tom hollander only is in cast

Boy Erased

next Hollywood movie is boy erased this movie is also releasing on 2nd November 2018 in USA this movie review this movie revolve around the new upcoming problem in h********** this in this movie you boy is again a gay and he is expelled by his family friends and relatives and tortured mentally in this movie Main star cast this movie is directed by Joel edgerton screenplay is also performed by your education and Joel edgerton is also the producer of desmume along with steam coal in carousel robot and the production company is anonymous content Perfect World pictures the cost of this movie is based on whose relative Luka is Julian Jordan or Nicole Kidman

The Grinch

 the Greens is in upcoming Hollywood movie which is releasing on 8th November 2018 this is in comedy movie so you can enjoy this movie this movie revolve around the celebration of Christmas

The Girl in the Spider's Web


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